Church Design Lab (Innovation Canopy Corp) User Agreement

Scope of Subscription This agreement outlines the rights and limitations associated with your subscription to Your subscription allows your organization to use our content across various media, including social media, your own website, printed materials, and in live or recorded events, either on-screen or via online and television broadcasts. You may customize the content by adding your own text or logo. Furthermore, you’re allowed to download and store the content on both organizational and personal computers, as long as your affiliation with the organization continues.

Usage Restrictions While you have broad rights to use and modify the content, it is important to note that redistribution of any kind is not permitted. This includes any altered or unaltered versions of the content. All images and design assets within the content remain the exclusive property of The redistribution, resale, or giveaway of our content is strictly prohibited.

Church Accounts Our standard subscription is designed primarily for churches. Under one subscription, a church can extend the use of the account across all its ministries, eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions and simplifying access for various church departments.

Agency Accounts and Fees Agencies wishing to use content will be subject to a different pricing structure. Agencies will incur a standard membership fee plus an additional monthly agency fee of $300. For more information or to set up an agency account, please contact us directly.

Monitoring and Enforcement We actively monitor usage to ensure adherence to this agreement. Any suspicious activity, such as unauthorized downloading or sharing of assets, may lead to immediate termination of your subscription. Additionally, such actions could potentially result in legal repercussions.

Summary for Quick Reference

  • Redistribution of content is not allowed.
  • Content can be used and customized for your organization’s needs.
  • Agencies have a specific pricing and usage policy.
  • Any misuse may lead to termination of your subscription and legal action.

Contact and Support Should you have any queries or require assistance regarding this agreement or other aspects of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing a seamless and compliant experience for all users of